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VW White Frame Image Program: Beautiful Dealerships Through Uniform Design

AutoLume LED was selected in 2015 to be one of two authorized LED lighting suppliers in support of the Volkswagen of America White Frame Image Program.  We have worked with 100’s of Volkswagen dealerships to provide best in class choice of product and lower cost, all while meeting Volkswagen Image Program specifications.

Our key selling proposition for Volkswagen was to allow best-in-class manufacturers to compete on price, quality, and service to provide product that met VW’s lighting specifications and guidelines.   This approach helped AutoLume LED meet the key objectives of program compliance, consistency, and dealership value.  While VW mandated that dealers choose from the National Account suppliers they selected, they wanted dealers to identify that the program also saved them money.

Volkswagen decided to use only two authorized suppliers to provide greater value to their dealerships, as well as streamline the photometrics and design process. Product and design uniformity is of the highest importance when working with automotive groups like Volvo and Volkswagen, as customers should consistently associate a dealership as sleek as the cars they display.

Too often working with local electrical contractors can lead to inconsistency in quality of product and service, often resulting in unnecessary complications that work against deadlines. Using AutoLume LED’s approved lighting schedule, which consists of over 10 Best In Class Lighting Manufacturers and over 60 different product types, alleviates the risks encountered working on a local level. Volkswagens expectation of AutoLume LED was to provide consistency in exterior and interior light levels, color temperature, and optical control.

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