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AutoLume Brings Color to the First Auto Park Built Since 2008

In 2016, AutoLume LED was commissioned to handle all lighting for the first auto complex built on Native land. Utilizing 70 acres right off of the 101 freeway, this new auto-park would cater to the greater Scottsdale area. To capitalize on the 248,000 daily commuters that drove by on the 101, architects and AutoLume LED worked together to bring a more colorful aspect to this project.

And bring more color we did. As national account distributors, AutoLume LED was able to secure discounted pricing on Philips Color Kinetics, a software controlled, colored fixture that gave each dealership power over their buildings presentation.

Chapman Ford, Ford Quicklane, Chapman CDJR (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram), Chapman VW and Courtesy Volvo of Scottsdale all opted to have Philips Color Kinetics installed. Pictured below is Chapman Ford, whose exterior, interior and accent lighting were all installed by AutoLume LED.

Between the five buildings, AutoLume LED installed 1200 square feet of Philips Color Kinetics, making for an eye-catching display to those driving by. Each dealership can display a different color or pattern that can be changed anytime by the system administrator.

All lighting is controlled via smart device through a user-friendly interface powered by Philip’s Active Site software. This then transmits commands via Bluetooth to the receivers, and your color or pattern of choice is then displayed.

This technology is not limited to just exterior lights though; Phoenix Children’s Hospital went with Color Kinetics as well, to make the building more inviting. Staff and administration agreed that to fit the image of a Children’s Hospital, the building needed more color, expression and visual stimulation on the interior and exterior.

Now, the magic of color science has made its way to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, replacing the “adult” exterior/interior of the hospital with a more playful appearance. Videos of this transformation can be seen here.

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