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How Does Lighting Effect Mood in the Workplace?

Regardless of your position within your job, you know that a company is only as strong as its weakest link. Maintaining high employee morale is key when pursuing success, but did you know that natural and imitated natural light plays a monumental role in office morale?

Recent research conducted by our partners at Philips Systems show almost a certain link between the light your body perceives and the circadian rhythms of our body, affecting everything from mood, sleep cycles, and eating habits. All of these have a direct effect on the morale of your coworkers throughout the day.

A company by the name of HOK conducted an experiment on this by transforming an abandoned 1930’s power plant in Lansing, Michigan into a national headquarters for Accident Fund Holdings Inc., an insurance firm who was willing to invest today for a more profitable tomorrow.

They found that in this location, the allowing of natural light into the office space, “helps people feel better about their perceived productivity,” said Emily Dunn, a senior consultant based in HOK’s New York office.

In another project, they remodeled Dechart Law’s offices with excessive amounts of glass to blur the lines between perimeter and interior space. By using natural materials, dimmable LED lighting, and adding foilage around the office, employee surveys showed a happier, more enjoyable work place.

Refurbished HOK Office

Utilizing natural materials and plenty of glass, this office now sports a more modern, inviting look

The added materials and more natural setting resulted in a more synchronous circadian rhythm, reducing employee’s stress and increasing overall satisfaction with the aesthetic appeal of the firm.

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